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Massage treatments

I offer a number of tailored treatments to accomodate individual requirements:

Sports massage

Sports massage can be used as a pre-workout stretch and opportunity to warm up the muscles or used as a post-workout massage designed to reduce soreness and increase flexibility. It can also help your range of movement and enhance athletic performance.


  • Full body sports massage - £55
  • Part body sports massage - £35

Deep tissue massage

Excellent for easing aching backs, neck, shoulders or legs, the benefits of a deep tissue massage aim to release muscular tension, pain and reduce discomfort. This massage is suited for people who like a firm, deep and invigorating massage.


  • Full body deep tissue massage - £55
  • Back, neck and shoulders - £35

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. In this type of massage, the recipient actively participates through deep breathing as well as identifying the exact location and intensity of the discomfort.

The results and benefits of trigger point massage are releasing constricted areas in the muscles thus alleviating pain. You can experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment.


  • Full body (trigger point) - £60
  • Part body (trigger point) - £45

What to expect

To ensure I can provide the best treatment for you, an initial consultation about your current condition and some history is required.

Please allow 15 minutes prior to the start of your session to complete this (additional cost of £10 on initial consultation).

Once this has been completed we will agree on a suitable massage plan and once you are happy we will begin.


Massage is a hands-on treatment and therefore some degree of undress is required.

Although some aspects of sports massage can be uncomfortable and lead to soreness and occasionally bruising, your comfort will always be a priority. Towels will be used for your comfort and dignity throughout the treatment.